Roadclub - 2D Racing Game!

2D Top-down racing is back with this modern take on a classic genre. Can you climb far enough on the ranks of the Roadclub to challenge the Master?


Roadclub testimonials 2010

February 2nd, 2010

We've had some great comments about the game in the forums the past week. I thought i'd share it.

"I played the demo a few months ago, and I loved it! Looking forward to playing the full version [...] you did an extremely good job"

"I want to say one more time... This game is excellent!"

Join the discussion about Roadclub and tell us what you think and share your experiences with other players.

Roadclub over 60% OFF limited time, 3 new difficulty levels, New gameplay trailer

January 23rd, 2010

How about that for a winter picker-upper! Roadclub is now available at a crazy low price: $7.95! ($19.95)

The latest version (1.04) includes 4 difficulty levels so everyone can play!

Go play it now! or unlock the full version directly =D

Oh.. and here's the new 2009 gameplay trailer!

The Solid Core Blog has arrived!

July 2nd, 2009

It's about time! Now you can get the latest developments from us in one place and comment on news regarding Roadclub and our upcoming project Sense: Survival Prelude. Why not head there now and see what the fuzz is about?

In related news, Roadclub will see a big change this summer. Stay tuned!

Out of Eight PC Game Reviews gives Roadclub 6/8!

March 2nd, 2009

Our first full review gives Roadclub a great 6 out of 8 (scroll down a bit to find it).

Here's a couple of summarizing quotes for the lazies out there:

- "Roadclub has a balance of good and bad attributes that, thanks to the editors, leans more towards the positive end of the spectrum."

- "If you are looking for a customizable racing game and you won’t be deterred by the 2-D presentation or high difficulty, then Roadclub would be a good choice."

They especially praise the career mode and the editor suite. On the negative side they find it a bit difficult and miss multiplayer. Please note that the reviewer played on hardest settings (simulation mode) and that you actually CAN share maps and ghosts with your friends (just use the export/import feature in-game or send the track folder back and forth). Buy the game now and if there's popular demand we may be able to improve the game in the future with things like online leaderboards...! So tell us what you want on our forums and unlock that full version now!

Read the full review of Roadclub here

Excellent review for Roadclub!

February 12th, 2009

We heard that brazilian site baixaki made a short review of our game Roadclub. And what a review it was! We're mighty proud that they valued the design we worked so hard to accomplish. Thank you guys! You can read the full review here. (Sorry about the google translation, but more people probably understand it that way)

Roadclub available for digital download now!

December 15th, 2008

You can finally get your hands on the full version of Roadclub! Just click Unlock full version above to support future development of fun independent games!
Please note that you need to download the demo to unlock the full version if you buy the game!

You can also try the demo or watch the trailer.
For questions and feedback, head to our community forum at Spell of Play.
An even easier alternative will soon be available on Spell of Play.

Roadclub is complete!

August 8th, 2008

Our debut game is finally complete! A great special thanks to all who helped us over 6 years in development. We've been patient and never gave up the dream of completing this game and being able to sell it online. Also thanks to the guys and community at Spell of Play for their testing and help to get it ready for its online adventures. Roadclub will be sold first exclusively at Spell of Play and on our website. Then we'll see what happens. A release date is not yet set since there are some other things than coding-related to consider. More details to come as they are available to us.

New site design!

August 8th, 2008

Redesigned the site for ease-of-use and readability to get it ready for the coming sale of Roadclub. Hope you like it!

Roadclub is now featured on HUB!

November 12th, 2007

HUB is a new game distribution platform developed by Spell of Play Studios. It makes distribution easy for the developer and discovering and playing games much easier for the player. You'll never need to search the net for game updates or the latest DirectX runtimes again!

We really are happy to distribute Roadclub on this great tool for all game fans. From now on only major 0.X updates of Roadclub will be made available on our own Roadclub site. So to be the first to have the latest updates, go grab it now!

Download HUB and easily get Roadclub, other games and all their future updates with one click!

Visit the Roadclub forum at the Spell of Play community to discuss the game!

"So, what's going on? We want more news!"

January 17th, 2007

Not the first time you asked. Well, here it is. Since the last update Ralf has gotten a job and I've been working full-time on and off since August. We did all we could to keep Roadclub progressing at all during this time. Then we got an e-mail asking us to showcase the game at Spelfest 2006, an event in Stockholm. We pushed ourselves to the limit getting a decent demo ready for it, which was labeled 0.6b. Very cool to be there and meet other indies. Read more about it in the news below. Earlier in 2006, the biggest game magazine in sweden, Super PLAY, mentioned us in an article about independent game development. Read more about that below too.

Roadclub at Spelfest 2006!

January 17th, 2007

We were happy to receive an invitation to Spelfest 2006 in october and appreciated the chance to see random people from the street play an exclusive beta version of the game. Spelfest is an annual festival celebrating the many faces of games. It was created by the swedish game institute ( and seemed to be a very successful event, especially for our friends at Silent Grove Studios with their game Dawnspire - Prelude ( It was very fun and helpful to see people play our game. Especially from a usability standpoint. We've taken some measures to fix most of the issues people seemed to have with that version that are already in place for the next iteration: v0.7b. Pictures from the festival can be seen on the new Roadclub site! (Just click "Gallery").

Solid Core and Roadclub in Super PLAY magazine!

January 17th, 2007

Can't believe I forgot to mention this. In 2006, the biggest game magazine in sweden, Super PLAY, mentioned us in their march issue in an article about independent game development together with some of the biggest companies from our country such as Starbreeze (The Darkness), Grin (Ghost Recon) and Avalanche (Just Cause). Not much about us but it felt really cool to see our names among those bigshots!