Roadclub Gameplay Trailer 2009

Roadclub Trailer 2008

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Roadclub Screenshots 2007-2008

Roadclub Screenshots 2006

Solid Core and Roadclub at Spelfest 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden

Ralf, Benny and Björn has arrived and are making some last minute, uh checks (fixing bugs)

Other people has arrived too and is setting up their booths.

Like the Free Lunch Design guys (played Icytower?)...

..., SLX Games with their game Nord...

..., Playgroundsquad...

..., sverok...

... and Swedish Game Awards.

It took ages but the computers we're supposed to have Roadclub on are here!

Of course, stuff doesn't work. So Henrik from Silent Grove is on a mission while Benny and Björn watch.

Yay, it's installed and ready for people to play! (Together with some other games)

Björn makes sure Roadclub works.

Benny has to see for himself.

Yup, it still works. Cool, the camera adds motion blur effects!

Finally someone else than us tries it. Unfortunately it was time to go.

Roadclub Screenshots 2005 (Just for comparison, it doesn't look like this anymore!)