Latest update

Here you can download the latest update of Roadclub. For the game download, go to the roadclub play page.

Download latest Roadclub update

Install instructions

1. Download the update by clicking on the link above.
2. Locate and unpack using your favourite software or windows in the Roadclub installation directory.
3. If asked, choose to overwrite existing files.
4. Start the game as you normally do.


Doesn't Roadclub work for you even using the latest version? Here's a few tips and solutions.

Version history

1.04 (optional for administrator users)

  • Fixed crashes that could occur if you ran the game as a windows user without administrator privileges.


  • Completely rewrote task switching handling for more stable alt-tab switching and windowed/full screen mode switching (found in options->graphics from the main menu)
  • Improved windowed mode mouse handling and added support for all system menu buttons (minimize, maximize, close)
  • For advanced users: Experimental alpha support for custom resolutions (set the desired resolution in /Data/SolidEngine.ini using the resolutionX and resolutionY parameters). Some minor bugs are known, but it shouldn't crash.


  • Added AI difficulty setting
  • Added windowed mode


  • Initial release


If you have any questions, suggestions or general feedback regarding our games or if you want to request to help us out, just throw us an e-mail and we'll come back to you as soon as possible! One of the fundamental goals of our team is to always take the time and listen to our players so we can improve ourselves and have a closer connection to the community.

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Bug Reports

We would appreciate if you report any out-of-the-ordinary things that happen in our games so we can correct them for the next version. Please read the "Known Issues" section in the manual file in the game directory to see if we already know about the problem. Otherwise, write us an e-mail that contains the following:

  • A short description of what happened. What did you do just before it happened? What was the problem?
  • Your system configuration. State what brand, model and driver version you have for each of these where possible:
    - Operating System (ex. Windows XP)
    - Processor/Speed (ex. Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz)
    - Memory (ex. 256MB DDR)
    - Graphics Card (ex. ATI Radeon X800XT 256MB, driver v8.1)
    - Sound Card (ex. Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2, driver v1.0)
  • Attach the files "X_SessionLog.log" which lies in the games' folder to the email.
  • Attach the file with an RCP extension (find it in the Profiles folder) to the email.

NOTE 1: Try to save away the files we ask for immediately after you exit the game when something has happened so you can send it to us. If you start the game again, the files may be overwritten and/or changed and the information we need to fix the problem is lost.

NOTE 2: We will only reply if we need to know more about the bug. Otherwise you can be assured that we have seen it and will do our best to fix the problem for the next release!

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